Super Rare Stevie Wonder footage

By Stephen Jones

Did you know Stevie Wonder's first ever instrument was the drums? No joke!

In fact, he actually played the drums on most of his own tracks.

Well I was digging around YouTube for fun the other day and came across this amazing rare footage, you've got to love this!

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  • Stevie,never ceases to amaze me with his talents,just love that guy

    arthur on

  • Most amazing ever of stevie! He gives all he’s got ,and puts it out there. What a performer his talent draws you in and MezMorizes you.

    TErri tEresa on

  • Just amazing…. As we all know “What a talEnt he iS”…Thanks for sharing.

    GEne eVans on

  • Brilliant , did not now he played dRums ??

    LOretta on

  • Wow!onE wicked drumming session took the stage over!stevie wonder what a legend!xx

    WOw!one wIcked dRumming sEssion hE tOok oVer tHe sTage lOve iT! on

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