Back where it all began...

By Stevie Jones

What an amazing day this was (if a little stressful!)

After a few months work thinking about the concept of Brother Strut, and what I wanted it to be, I began writing the music and thinking about what that 1st session should be like.

I booked Metropolis Studios in London, called in a few favours for the film crew and we were OFF!

I knew I wanted it to be recorded live so that we could capture the vibe of musicians playing together - this is the 1st time we had all met as a group and been in the same room together, so this is a little raw... but because of this, I think you get a real edge to the music.

Well, I hope that comes across ;-)

Let me know what you think! 

PS because I'm feeling nice, you can have this track for free! download it here

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  • Simply brilliant. when are you guys coming up to Leeds!!!

    Matty on

  • Now that is making magic tOgether!!! Loved every second of it. Blown away.

    TErri tEresa on

  • Super Cool ! Difficult to smile when you are playing the sax though ;0)

    Vernon Thornton on

  • Absolutely love this ?

    Sue on

  • Brilliant Sound. .?

    Rachel Precious on

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