10’s of millions of video views, 3 sell out tours, and you’ve probably never heard of them……..

By Dave Mason

10’s of millions of video views, 3 sell out tours, and you’ve probably never heard of them……..

“You will wait a very long time indeed to see anything better; I can’t think who can top this. 10/10.”
-Blues and Soul Magazine
Taking the music industry head on, funk/soul band ‘Brother Strut’ are a Facebook phenomenon. Their last video hit 6 million views, they've sold out The Jazz Cafe twice, and they've done it all from their attic…

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The Surprising Thing...
What’s even more surprising is that they’ve achieved this with a unique approach, and they’ve done this alone. No promoters, no record labels, and armed only with an iPhone and a shed load of talent. 

In 2012, band-leader Stevie Jones cherry-picked some of the world's greatest musicians to form Brother Strut. The passionate funk and soul line-up have worked with some of the world's greats; Amy Winehouse, Al Green, The Temptations, Jamiroquai and Mark Ronson are just some of these giants. 
Under the watchful eye of Aretha Franklin's producer, Jones ingested funk and soul in the heart of Motown.: - 
"We stopped creating music for pop artists, and started creating a vibe that excited us! We then connect with this audience directly on Facebook"  
- Stevie Jones (Band Leader) 
On the face of it, this approach doesn’t sound very unique – but then you realise they’ve achieved these monster results bypassing the record labels, promoters and distributors and talking directly to the fans. Jones explains: - 
"Musicians have often compromised their art to satisfy the demands of the major record labels. Facebook has enabled us to connect directly to the audience that aren't being catered for by the mainstream channels." 
What's Next...
With their second album ‘What We Got Together’ now released, and a string of live dates to coincide, it is going to be a BIG year for Brother Strut where they plan to build on the enormous success of the 2013 debut release ‘First Strut Is The Deepest’. A UK iTunes chart entry of No.2 spurning deals in the USA, Italy, South Africa, South East Asia and Australia, and Top Ten entries in the album charts of both the UK and Italy. 
A funk and soul group with a real sense of humour has proved a winning formula.
“Our Facebook videos blow up each time we post one! I think it’s because people can tell it makes us happy, and they feel like they’re invited to join us! There’s lots of music out there that takes itself very seriously. Ours is about happiness, fun and making people smile……and we all need a bit of that don’t we?!”

‘What We Got Together’ the new album is released on 8th April.

Download 3 Tracks Now for FREE!

Download 3 Tracks Now for FREE!


  • Loving the reggae vibe in some of your songs

    Dianne on

  • i am loving your funky sole music and the huskyness in voice is just so dam sexy keep the tunes coming. ❤️️

    AManda on


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